Metering point operation and metering services from start to finish

Always be aware of what, when and where is being consumed. For energy productivity and a successful monitoring of costs and consumption you need highly accurate / high-resolution data, collected continuously and permanently.

Switch now:

  • Commission Acteno energy to implement the metering point operation and metering services
  • We install our intelligent measuring system at each of its sites as a performance measurement (RLM) or (SLP).
  • You can use our Acteno energy performance management (EPM) and understand your energy
  • No fees paid to network operators for metering point operation and metering services
  • You get full control over your energy

We completely replace current billing meters at all locations.


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Smart metering + ACTENO Energy Performance Management (EPM)

In combination with the Acteno energy performance management you get a powerful tool to overview and evaluate all measurement processes/ systems across your company.

Your advantages:

  • Metering point operation and metering services nationwide
  • Providing and implementing the measuring & communication technology in an economical way
  • Independent of suppliers and network operators
  • Centralized access to uniform data
  • Creation of energy performance with Acteno energy performance management
  • All energy data in sight
  • Reduction of energy needs and expenses of using networks
  • Load profile and reactive current analysis
  • Control of and secure planning of your energy budget
  • Visualization and reports for your own use or support for the EEG reduction / Exemption
  • Benchmarking
  • Notification of Critical Events
  • Export to third-party systems (e.g. as an XLS, CSV, XML)
  • Load management
  • Aggregation, accounting for Aggregation? Accounting ***
  • Forecasts
  • Individual Project Implementation ***
  • Measurement of reference and Delivery ***

ENWG § 21B

With the opening up of electricity and gas metrology as put forth by the German Energy Act (EnWG $ 21b), a complete liberalization of the areas of metering point operations and measurement took place. This enables customers (industrial, private, public) to freely choose their own metering point operation system and metering services. *** redundant? Acteno energy offers metering point operation and metering services, in accordance with EnWG $ 21b, to industrial and commercial customers.

Acteno energy's meter operator and metering service by the EnWG §21b . Acteno energy provides to the independent operation of metering points for industrial and commercial customers.

Independent metering point operation

Metering point operation services of Acteno are implemented nationwide and independently for industrial, commercial and EEG customers. Who are EEG customers? Erneuerbare-Energie-Gesetz? Acteno energy replaces current meters of the network operators.

  • Independent of network operators
  • Independent of suppliers