Redeem energy as a brute expense

A structured energy controlling allows for a clear allocation of costs and expenses to individual organizational units, products and articles. In addition to the allocation of costs and expenses energy controlling supports to verify related invoices, document these, and assign them to individual contracts.


Do get energy bills verified in respective grid areas on the basis of accrued consumption and load profiles? Are load peaks invoiced for and are they correctly done? In case of investment decisions, are indicators of energy efficiency taken into consideration?

Full control with a qualified audit

Invoices are becoming increasingly complex with the requirements of new legislation and demand a clear structure.

With the audit, the information of the invoices, the ordered quantities and the underlying contracts will be so combined, that it will become clear whether the invoicing process is correct or needs further improvement. For this purpose, all price components (such as network usage charges, concession fees, service prices, EEG levies) *** are compared with the stored invoice from the supplier.

Contract management

Should certain contracts need to be assigned to different locations and consumption points, this can now be simplified as part of the acteno energy performance management system. Deadlines won’t be forgotten, and documents are easily sorted.

Control across the company

Keep in sight all energy data, contracts, consumption points and further energy related data. With the concise validation concept, records can be easily assigned to groups and individuals. This way a central platform is established to make energy relevant data and information available around the clock. An integration and connection of third party systems is possible through interfaces.





  • Full contract and cost control through a single, integrated audit of all cost components
    • No deadlines missed
    • A platform for all energy-related information and data
    • Support in the tender and reselection of supply contracts
    • True payroll-relevant consumption values
    • Integration with the independent metering point operation
    • Energy data in real time