The achievement point relevant for account arises from the simultaneous achievement of all pooled achievement values in contrast to the withdrawal in every single withdrawal point.


This leads to a reduction of the achievement point to be pulled up for the account, because this load point is lower, as a rule, than the sum of the single achievement points per withdrawal places.

The Pooling lowers therefore the costs of the annual achievement remuneration to be paid.

The definition of the net knot arises No. 11 StromNEV after §2, if the spatially narrow part of an electricity supply grid which is on a structurally belonging together area and from:

  • of an other handing over place by presentation in letter a to called cases passes comparable galvanic connection with which one or several withdrawal places are connected.

  • a transformer station, a transformer arrangement, a transformer, a local grid station or a switch arrangement 
acteno achievments for you

Common with our partners we provide for an analysis & assessment of your net use in all locations and look around all expiries towards the net operator and the BNETZA.


Besides, in combination with our smart metering you have access any time to your energy data and can also compare as your net load within and beyond the high load time window behaves.

  1. Analysis and confrontation of the today's net use costs

  2. Installation of the acteno smart metering all nationwide

  3. Vote and communication for the conversion of the account with the respective net operator

  4. Reporting for control of the energy billing

  5. Account surveillance together with our partners 
For whom ?

Customers get accounted and metered particaular SLP can combine to one virtual metering point as rLM measurement and rLM accounting by use of pooling. This requires the single measurements accomplished as rLM.


Customers mandating two or more points of withdrawal.

The pooled peak load is lower or equal compared with the sum amount of the individual considered maximum load.

  • Trade
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Gastronomy