Our services at a Glance

For industrial and commercial customers

  • Smart Grid integration on the basis of the Acteno energy performance management
    • Site Surveys
    • Contract overview
    • Integrating renewable energy sources
    • Demand Response Management
    • Direct Energy Marketing
  • Multi-site measurement and integration of permanent and temporary submeter ( Sub-Metering )
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Independent procurement optimization and supplier check
  • Advice for the complete implementation of the energy management within the meaning of the ISO EN 50001

For the research

  • Development and preparation of studies and concepts
  • Development of prototypes and demonstrators
  • Technology Assessments


Applications Energy 4.0


Energy costs are made up of various components, which also include regulated constituents, such as network fees, taxes and levies. 

Based on our energy solutions in the field of intelligent measurement concepts, and a comprehensive legal and energy-management consulting, with our partners we reduce your costs sustainably.

Together we make energy from an expense factor into a factor of competitiveness.

The following applications are displayed with examples that are assessed based on empirical values. The actual scientific potential for each respective situation requires an individual assessment. The examples are to be considered non-binding.