Concession levy: conversion from tariff customer to special contract customer

Concession fees for electricity and gas are regulated by the Concession Fee Ordinance (KAV). There are statutory price ceilings for the concession fee. Depending on the size of the municipality, it ranges from 1.32 to 2.39 ct/kWh. As a rule, the larger the municipality, the higher the concession fee.

Network users can be classified as special contract customers. This classification is independent of the size of the municipality. In many cases, customers are classified as special contract customers but are treated as rate customers. Special contract customers only pay a concession fee of 0.11 ct/kWh. Accordingly, a saving of up to 95 % can be achieved via this classification.

Special contract customers are consumers with:

Annual consumption > 30,000 kWh
The customer's metered power exceeds 30 kW in at least two months of the year.

Note: This can be combined with the conversion of SLP to rLM metering

Comparison of the concession levy

acteno energy Konzessionsabgaben


Potential / Example

Your metered performance transcends at least 30 KW by two month of the year.

acteno moves the measurement of SLP on rLM by which also the peformance-maximum is ascertained

The customer has in two months of the year a peekload of 32 kW.

Initial Situation

Customers with annual consumption of 80.000 KW/h in a major city (population 500.000) still rated today as a standard customer because of his SLP metering  


Acteno performs a performance meassurement and detects therefore the maximum capacity.
Next up there is a conversion of standard customer to special customer in reconciliation with the Grid-Operator


concession levy as standard customer: 2,39 Eurocent / kWh

80.000 kWh x 0,0239 Euro pro kWh = 1.912,00 Euro

concession levy as special customer: 0,11 Eurocent / kWh 

80.000 kWh x 0,0011 Euro pro kWh = 88,00 Euro
Savings 1.192,00 Euro - 88,00 Euro = 1.104,00 Euro
Our services for you

Together with our partners, we provide an analysis & evaluation of your grid usage costs at all locations and take care of all processes vis-à-vis the grid operator.

In combination with our smart metering, you also have access to your energy data at any time and can also compare how your network load behaves inside and outside the high-load time window.

  1. Analysis and comparison of current grid usage costs
  2. Installation of acteno smart metering nationwide
  3. Coordination and communication for the conversion of the billing at the respective network operators
  4. Reporting system to control the energy billing
  5. Billing control together with partners