Measurement - ready for any challenge with Acteno

Acteno energy offers an economic point of view optimized use, combination and integration of decentralized producers, storage, and consumers. Power and cost-effective is an optimization of the ran out and the use of electricity by building a Smart measurement concept. Individual solutions and additional wallet as well as legal and technical foundations are taken into account.

Based on the nationwide independent metering point operation system, Acteno energy delivers measurement concepts for network operators, industrial sites, direct marketers and plant operators. The standard concepts can be realized for SLP as RLM measurements.

  • Taking account of the individual system configuration.
  • Coordination with network operators
  • Inclusion of legal, accountancy as needed
  • Take individual wishes

By mathematical relationships between the time series is a dynamic, yield and cost-optimized allocation of the amounts of energy according to the given market /networking situation known.

Acteno energy intelligent measurement allows dynamic realization of:

  • New relations between market participants,
  • Profit-maximizing marketing potential,
  • Optimized reference and. Tailor-made solutions for all industry
  • Intelligent Supply concepts with the involvement of save, controllable loads and generation capacity.

What we do

  • Selection and analysis of the initial situation, taking into account the technical, legal and commercial realities
  • Preparation of the chosen measurement concept
  • Simulation & evaluation
  • Coordination with network operators, suppliers, operators and auditors
  • Installation of measuring systems and if required, integration with the local control technology
  • Implementation of the measurement concept , if necessary by the formula lossy formation of virtual metering points and market communication to operators and suppliers 
  • Portal solution for the visualization and evaluation of metrics are collected , as well as the points of delivery formulaic formed