SLP to rLM Conversion

Today business customers are still often metered and accounted on the basis of a  SLP Counter

A change of todays metering processed by acteno from SLP to Rlm operated so customers often pay lower grid use costs.Besides with rLM metering you can analyse the consuming attitude deduce for the location, further the customer recieves a monthly accounting instead of every year.

Our achievments for you

Common with our partners we provide for an analysis & assessment of your net use in all locations and look around all expiries towards the net operator and the BNETZA.


Besides, in combination with our smart metering you have access any time to your energy data and can also compare as your net load within and beyond the high load time window behaves.

  1. Analysis and confrontation of the today's net use costs

  2. Installation of the acteno smart metering all nationwide

  3. Vote and communication for the conversion of the account with the respective net operator

  4. Reporting for control of the energy billing

  5. Account surveillance together with our partner