SLP to rLM Conversion

In many cases, commercial customers are still metered and billed on the basis of an SLP meter (standard load profile). A conversion of the current metering by acteno from SLP to rLM means that the customer often pays lower network usage costs. In addition, the rLM measurement allows more precise analyses of the consumption behavior at the location, and the customer now receives a monthly invoice instead of an annual invoice.

Our services for you

Together with our partners we provide an analysis & evaluation of your network usage at all locations and take care of all processes towards the network operator and the BNetzA.


In combination with our smart metering, you also have access to your energy data at any time and can also compare how your network load behaves inside and outside the high load window.

  1. Analysis and comparison of current grid usage costs

  2. Installation of the acteno smart metering nationwide

  3. Coordination and communication for the conversion of the billing at the respective network operators

  4. Reporting system to control the energy billing

  5. Billing control together with partners