Energy Trading

For plant operators and direct marketers to work competently it is essential to have access to real-time data of production processes. With acteno energy metering & energy performance management, plant operators have all the readings (infeed?) constantly in sight and can use the real-time data to support failure management and direct marketing. This is important to be able to reduce lost income and to ensure a cost-effective and long lifespan of plants.

Structured, real-time and thoroughly prepared information of facilities make it possible for the user to quickly assess the conditions of individual facilities or whole parks.

The real-time transmitted data can help the direct marketing purposes with forecast information and reduce the risks of…***

With Acteno energy all of the systems are and parks at a Glance

  • Smart metering with Acteno energy : measuring point operation and metering services
  • Market Communication in line with MSCONS
  • Real-time data
  • Notification in the event of irregularities
  • Support for forecasting systems
  • Analysis & Reports
  • All equipment & energy data at a Glance
  • Export to third-party systems