Optimizing renewable energies

For plant operators and direct marketers to work competently it is essential to have access to real-time data of production processes.

With acteno energy metering & energy performance management, plant operators have all the readings (infeed?) constantly in sight and can use the the real-time data to support failure management and direct marketing. This is important to be able to reduce lost income and to ensure a cost-effective and long lifespan of plants.

All metered plants must be equipped with a measuring system, which gather data of each (power) feed-in and individual consumption. (Einspeisung und Eigenverbrauch). So far this has been carried out by the provider, now plant operators can take advantage of the independent metering point operation of acteno energy to gain full transparency of how their plants feed in. (?)

We offer our product nationwide and independent of networks, complying with the regulations of EnWG § 21b (German Energy Act), collecting accounting-relevant data and beyond. 


EEG plant operators

We offer you:

  • Review of the current performance from individual plants to whole parks
  • Forecast services for direct marketing
  • Risk mitigation in the case of sales of the amounts of energy. Risk reduction …? ***
  • Implementing of independent meterin point operations according to EnWG § 21b
  • Rapid installation
  • Fulfillment of the criteria laid down in EEG 6
  • Export of measurement data as CSV, XML, XLS or PDF
  • Integration of time series data into own management and trading systems



  • To access data of actual power feeds (feeders?) real-time
  • Highly accurate data of consumption and performance
  • Trends and Statistics
  • Accounting Information
  • Data of network quality
  • Notifications of too low feed-ins and critical occurences/ events ***
  • Processed key performance indicators
  • Evaluation of individual consumption and actual output ***
  • Local delivery of customer interfaces to further process energy data ***