Together for the grid of the future

With the liberalization oft he EnWGs (German Energy Act) in 2011 new requirements were set for the so-called „area“ and „object grid“ operators.

Regardless of whether only a few or several hundred measuring systems (metering point operators?) are installed, acteno energy can provide comprehensive data for the end users to enhance their energy productivity in line with the management standards DIN 16001 / ISO EN 50001.

We support you fully to realise your new metering system in accordance with the regulations.


  • Compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • No extra labour costs - complete service without adding to your workload / no extra work on your side ***
  • Avoidance of capital tied up by acquiring its own readout technology, storage of measurement technology, etc
  • Economic & efficient implementation of the Metering point operation
  • Central overview of all energy data
  • Processing of energy data
  • Comprehensive Reporting & export capabilities.
  • Links to third-party systems
  • Pioneering role in dealing with energy