Industry & Trade

For commercial customers and energy that is a substantial cost and cost-cell industry, to control and optimize that applies here. Acteno energy creates transparency for companies using the energy data management, in order to thus continuously and permanently energy- related to reduce costs and effort.

  • How is your energy consumption?
  • As your power station feeds energy into the public network?
  • How can you permanently energy from a cost center to develop a competitive factor?
  • What are the accounts together?
  • The accounts are correct?

What we offer

  • Smart Metering regardless and nationwide
  • Energy data in real-time with Acteno smart metering & Acteno micro metering
  • Structured representation of the energy situation
  • Clear checks without uncertainty and without personnel expenses incurred
  • With our technical data we provide the basis for the energy consumption and to reduce significantly to control

Our Services

With easy-to-use analysis options you will see the energy quality of their facilities, equipment, and processes and reduce their own administrative effort.

You are responsible for a wide variety of real estate and the energy qualities of the individual objects want to compare with each other, plan and permanently optimize efficiency measures? With the Performance Management is the collected measurement data with your key performance indicators in table. For instance, you can make statements about how high base load and power consumption per square meter.

  • Load profile analysis
  • Base load analysis
  • Analysis of the After tab sinks: unnecessary consumers recognize outside of the working hours and off
  • Alerts: Monitoring of thresholds and notification in the event of deviations via email and SMS
  • Benefit Analysis: How are plants is used and what opportunities arise
  • Time Series Analysis: Consumption in the overview: time- and period sharp determination of fuel consumption
  • Performance Analysis: benchmarking and comparison of sites
  • Exchange with third-party systems & Data Export (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc. )

Contract management

Did you know that approximately 9% of all accounts are faulty?

With Contract Management you will receive the opportunity to verify that your last bill was correct. You have at any time all contracts and deadlines at a glance, so you never again miss a period of notice.