Shaping the future grids together

With the liberalization of the EnWG in 2011, new requirements have been placed on so-called "area" and "object" network operators. Under certain conditions, these operators must now carry out full network operation as defined by the MsbG. Regardless of whether only a few or several hundred metering systems are to be operated, acteno energy can provide comprehensive energy data for the connected users and help to improve energy productivity in accordance with the management standards DIN 16001 / ISO EN 50001.

We provide full support in implementing the regulatory processes and the metering point operation in a compliant manner.

Our Services

Outsourcing of metering point operation and metering services on your behalf to acteno energy

  • Installation, maintenance, periodic replacement, fault clearance by acteno energy
  • Data transmission via mobile & IP connection
  • Remote Reading of the measuring systems
  • Support in the future implementation of the BSI protection profile
  • Access to the Acteno Energy Management performance system to support network operation and balancing group management 
  • client isolation 


  • Compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • No additional personnel expenditure, no extra labour costs - complete service without adding to your workload 
  • Avoidance of capital commitment through acquisition of own readout technology, stockpiling of measurement technology, etc.
  • Economic & efficient implementation of the metering point operation
  • Central overview of all energy data
  • Processing of energy data
  • Comprehensive reporting & export functions.
  • Connection to third-party systems
  • Pioneering role in energy management