Smart housing for managers, owners, operators and users

More energy transparency, full control, no surprises.

Increasing energy costs, more sophisticated accounts, higher fluctuating and more complex processes in the housing industry require new solutions in dealing with energy. Set new standards for energy efficiency and sustainability and reduce your own administrative burden.

This applies in particular to the acquisition and the billing individual units or parties. Continue to hold even shared meant in the view (cellar, staircase, elevator, etc.) and identify unusual energy consumption here in time to make any necessary measures for eliminating.

With Acteno energy we realize together

  • Smart Metering at all locations & Areas
  • Independent and nationwide for privately and commercially used areas

... More than just Metering point operation: Acteno energy Smart Metering

With the solutuions of acteno you have all the energy information you need for your home economy. You want to know down to the cutoff day how much each unit has consumed, see the differences in consumption compared to previous years, or what the aggregate energy consumption of a specific site is?

Our software, acteno performance management for homes makes it easy and comfortable to find answers to these questions through our web portal.

  • A standard for all sites with centralized, uniform measuring data
  • Energy data in general view: web-based IT solution for all relevant information
  • Data easily assigned to locations, units, consumers and supply contracts


Analysis Options

With easy-to-access analysis options you can monitor the electric conditions of your real estate at any given time as administrator, operator, owner and cooperative. Your administrative load will be further reduced.

Benefit Analysis:

How are the real estates used

  • How are the real estates used
  • Time-series analysis: fuel consumption at a glance: accurate date and period tracing of fuel consumption
  • Performance Analysis: benchmarking and comparison with other real estates
  • Exchange with third-party systems
  • Export (Excel, PSV, pdf, etc.)
  • Site-based comparison of the data streams (for example, in terms of square footage, the number of persons employed, etc. )
  • Energy efficiency measures: Planning, controlling, monitoring, documentation


Rescue & Rehabilitation

Well planned and executed sanitation and renovation measures contribute tanigibly to the attractiveness and electric conditions of a property.

With the S&R module, as part oft he acteno performance management, you can document your measures on a permanent basis. You can associate these data with your properties and meterings.

  • Full transparency of what measures are planned and carried out or completed
  • Long-term optimization of energy efficiency and increase in the cost-effectiveness of a site
  • Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30 percent
  • Aid in decision-making and management for investment