All locations at a glance

  • Targeted use of our metering solution for visualization and analysis
  • Mapping of all consumption and offtake points
  • Central data provision in uniform formats
  • Efficiencies and savings from which the whole organization benefits
  • Acteno energy as an independent contact for
    • All relevant energy data
    • The support for energy efficiency measures
    • The Regulatory Compliance


Analysis and Monitoring

With easy-to-use analysis options, you can recognize the energy quality of your sites and reduce your own administrative effort. The acteno energy performance management brings the collected measurement data into relation with your company-related key figures:

  • Load profile analysis
  • Base load analysis
  • Night setback analysis: detect and switch off unnecessary consumers outside operating hours
  • Alerts: Monitoring of thresholds and notification in the event of deviations via email and SMS
  • Time Series Analysis: Consumption overview (time and period-specific determination of consumption values)
  • Performance Analysis: benchmarking and comparison of sites
  • Export of reports and measurement data
  • Site-related comparison of data streams (e.g. with regard to the number of square meters, the number of persons employed, ...)
  • Energy efficiency measures: Plan, control, monitor and documentation