Exemplary energy reports

After logging in the user has access to all visualization options.


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The acteno energy reporting system has the essentials for an efficient and intuitive energy data service. In addition to the free analysis of data, standardized reports that give a quick overview of the energy situation, are also available. This includes both charts of real energydiagrams of the active production,

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As well as the frequency distribution graphs of voltage spikes.


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These forms of visualization make it possible to identify energy saving potentials. For example events of unplanned consumption, that happen arbitrarily, can be detected. Based on patterns in heatmaps, undesired extra consumption and load peaks can be easily found. Recognition, understanding and avoidance of load peaks can make a cost reduction of service fees and tariffs in the future.


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Traders can find out based on the analyses, during which days or parts of the day is in general consumption outstandingly high, and, if so wished, set the gained information in relation with sales numbers eventually.


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