Measurements Concepts - Equipped with Acteno for any Challenges

Rising procurement costs and declining production costs make it more and more interesting to produce electricity for own needs. Provider fees are growing since 2012, while … ***

The energy applications of today and tomorrow (often) require simple and complex measurement concepts to meet technical, legal, and commercial needs.  

Based on the nationwide independent metering point operation system, Acteno energy delivers measurement concepts for network operators, industrial sites, direct marketers and plant operators. The standard concepts can be realized for SLP as RLM measurements.

What we do

  • Selection and analysis of the initial situation, taking into account the technical, legal and commercial realities
  • Preparation of the chosen measurement concept
  • Simulation & evaluation
  • Coordination with network operators, suppliers, operators and auditors
  • Installation of measuring systems and if required, integration with the local control technology
  • Implementation of the measurement concept , if necessary by the formula lossy formation of virtual metering points and market communication to operators and suppliers ***
  • Portal solution for the visualization and evaluation of metrics are collected , as well as the points of delivery formulaic formed. 

Examples and potentialities

  • For the implementation of simple and complex energy applications
  • Integration of generation plants (CHP, photovoltaics, wind, biomass etc.)
  • Integration of memory (battery, power to gas etc. .) 
  • Integration of consumers
  • Commercial designs (balancing energy, direct marketing, tenant models etc. ) leasing/ leaser models?
  • Accrual-, outsourcing concepts 
  • Invoicing Concepts
  • Load management
  • Feed-in, remote control 



Which measuring concept can be used ?

It is basically the plant operator that makes the selection of the measurement concept. The network operator has in turn the obligation to ensure that the selected measurement concept is in conformity especially with the EEG, WWCA and technical conditions of the connection.

In which their respective network areas provides the Acteno energy measurement?

Nationwide Acteno is active in all respective network areas..

The required measuring concept provided by the network operator is not, it can still be implemented?

Yes, the selection of the measurement concept is to be made by the plant operator. In cooperation with our partners, we take care that in implementing a measurement concept, all technical, commercial and legal requirements are fully met.  

On which voltage levels can the measurement concepts be implemented?

All voltage levels. Acteno also takes into account individual transformation losses, length of lines between source and sink, etc.

Who defines the metering point as a virtual metering point?

The definition of the metering point is done by the network operator, alternatively, this can be defined by Acteno with a BDEW code.